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End Of An Era, And The End Of Another

Build By Passion Not By Committee

#AE86 can be such a myth, the main reason is the popular comics #"Initial D". The actor drove the AE86 and won various races. AE86 mixed with black and white is not just a car, but the enlightenment of a generation to automobile culture. AE86 is the fifth generation Toyota corolla model, which was put into production in 1983. It is a small, compact, lightweight and economic profit oriented racing car produced by Toyota. This sports car has low price, good maneuverability and great potential for modification. Regarding to #AE85 or AE86, the official names are divided into Corolla #Levin and Trueno. Levin is derived from Lightning in classical English, and #Trueno means thunder in Spanish, which means lightning and thunder respectively.

The GT86 completely inherits the three characteristics of the AE86: Front and rear drive, super light weight and proper horsepower. It is equipped with 2.0 liter boxer direct injection engine, which can reach a maximum power of 200 hp, peak torque of 205Nm.
Time has passed, the successor model GT86 and the AE86 are already two completely different models. The integrity and noble sentiments of Japanese engineers are enough to move people.
#86 is young #faith. Let us together look forward to the birth of the next #generation of 86.

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Erhan – August 28, 2020

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